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Why is My Grove HR Account Archived?
Why is My Grove HR Account Archived?
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Why is My Grove HR Account Archived?

An archived account is one that has been disconnected from our data provider but still has data stored in Grove HR's databases. This automated security measure is designed to encourage users to sign in and regularly update their data.

If you don't log in to your account for an extended period of time, specifically two months, then archiving of the account will occur. Customers will be notified by Grove HR about the possibility of their account being archived after two months of inactivity. It is important as soon as you receive the email to keep your account activated

What should I do if My Account is Archived?

If you see a message that your account has been archived, contact our support team via email at to make arrangements for retrieving your account from the archive.

📌 Note: After reactivating, only the admin information is available.

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