Document Intelligence
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Clove - your personal document intelligence assistance is a powerful tool that allows you to upload, extract data and save documents using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

With just a few simple clicks to upload, the system will automatically parse information and save it to your employee's profile.

In the current version, Document Intelligence will support National ID and Bank Information documents. Only the Admin role will have access to this feature.

  1. Click on the Clove icon > New Conversation

  2. Select category

    • National ID

    • Bank Information

  3. Click on Upload document and select your file

  4. Click Parse this document and check data. You can make changes if information is not mapped correctly

  5. Review or reselect an employee profile to synchronize data to

  6. Click This is Perfect to save and move to the next step

  7. Choose what you want to do with the extracted data and file:

    • Sync to employee profile: add only the extracted data to employee profile

    • Store as a document in employee profile: add only the uploaded file data to employee profile

    • Do all: add both the extracted data and uploaded file to employee profile

    • Nothing else: file and data will not be synchronized

📌 Note:

  • Maximum supported file size: 5MB

  • Supported format: doc, docx, pdf, png, jpeg

  • Clove history with will be available for 14 days

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