Set up & Manage Time Off Request
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  1. Go to Company Setting by clicking on the ⚙️icon on the navigation bar > Automation

  2. Select the Time Off Request from the left menu. Here you will see a comprehensive picture of the automation Time Off Request Approval Workflow on Grove HR.

By default, the line manager is notified of employees' time off requests through email and in-app notifications. Line managers and authorized people to access the Employee Time Off tab can approve or reject these requests. Notification emails are sent to employees once their requests are approved or rejected.

In the new version, Grove HR provides the new flow to allow the system automatically approve requests at the end of the time off date if nobody has approved or rejected those requests. The automation approval feature is disabled by default. However, an admin or HR can enable it if desired.

📌 Note:

  • Disabling the option will prevent line managers or authorized people with access to the Employee Time Off tab from approving or rejecting employees' time off requests.

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