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Approve (or Reject) Time Off Requests of Employees
Approve (or Reject) Time Off Requests of Employees

Learn how HR can approve Time Off Requests of all employees in the organization.

Updated over a week ago

Admin and HR people who have access to Time Off > Employee Time Off can view, approve and cancel requests of all employees, including resigned ones. This feature is particularly helpful for the HR team when a line manager is on leave or not available to approve their direct reports' requests.

Depending on the configuration of your access role, you may or may not have access to this feature. Please check with your Admin for access control.

  1. Go to Time off > Employee Time Off

  2. In Employee Time Off, you can see all time off requests in your organization this the current month

  3. You can expand employee requests to view more details

  4. Click on ••• and select Approve or Reject

📌 Note:

  • Employee can cancel their time off request when it hasn't been approved

  • Employee can still add files to the time off request at the status: Pending and Approved

  • A time off request can be approved once. So if HR has already approve it, line manager doesn't need to take any further actions

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