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Assign a Goal for a Direct Report
Assign a Goal for a Direct Report
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As a manager, you can create and assign goals to your direct reports. You can also approve (or reject) goals created by employees and monitor them in the background.

πŸ“Œ Note: Managers can only assign goals for their direct reports (i.e., the employee directly under them in the company's reporting lines).

  1. Navigate to Goals > Member goals

  2. Click on + Assign Goal and:

    • Enter the Goal Name and description for easy finding

    • Select a Category: this version will start out with the four following categories:

      • Business Goal

      • Personal Improvement Plan

      • Research

      • Self-Development Plan

    • Owner: select a direct report

    • Start date: the date your member begins implementing the goal

    • End date: the deadline for completing the goal

    • Key Results of Performance Indicators: the outcomes necessary for measuring effectiveness. Key results can be measured by one of the following indicators:

      • Achieved/ Not Achieved

      • Currency

      • Numeric

      • Percentage

  3. Click Assign to allocate this goal

Your direct report will receive an email notification after you assign them a goal.

πŸ’‘ Tip: You can also view the number of goals you have assigned for each member at the Member Goals tab.


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