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View & Approve Direct Reports' Goals
View & Approve Direct Reports' Goals

This article will guide you on how to view and approve/ reject your direct report goals.

Updated over a week ago

After your direct reports create their own goals, as a line manager, you will receive a notification email for approval.

You can also check direct reports' goals and approve them on the Grove HR web version.

View and approve Direct reports’ goals

  1. Navigate to Goals > Member goals

  2. Click Go to Pending Approval Goals

  3. Click on the > icon (expand) to view the goal’s detail.

  4. Click ✅ to approve or ❌ to reject. You can also add a remark when rejecting the goal.

Your direct report will receive a notification about approved (or rejected) goals.

Check the direct reports' goal activity log

You can view activity logs of all the goals belonging to your direct reports.

To check a goal activity log, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Goals > Member goals

  2. Click on a direct report's name

  3. Click on Activity Log icon to check history

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