Set My Own Goals

Learn how to create your own goals.

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You can create your own goals and keep track of the progress in Goals > My Goals.

The goals you’re setting should be aligned with the company's business goals or your personal growth. They should also be clearly communicated between management and employees.

Once a goal is created, it will be sent to your manager for approval.

  1. Navigate to Goals > My goals

  2. Click on + New Goal and:

    • Enter the Goal Name and description for easy finding

    • Select a Category: this version will start out with the four following categories:

      • Business Goal

      • Personal Improvement Plan

      • Research

      • Self-Development Plan

    • Owner: as the person who creates the goal, you will be the default owner

    • Start date: the date you begin implementing the goal

    • End date: the deadline for completing the goal

    • Key Results of Performance Indicators: set the outcomes for measuring effectiveness. Key results can be measured by one of the following indicators:

      • Achieved / Not Achieved

      • Currency

      • Numeric

      • Percentage

  3. Click Create to submit your goal for approval

💡Tip: You can save your goals as drafts while you discuss with your management or review them later.

📌 Notes:

  • Goal name and key result can each have up to 80 characters

  • Goals will be sent to managers for review and approval

  • Once a goal is approved, you can’t change the content

  • If your goal is rejected, you can re-adjust the goals or key indicators

  • By default, goals are automatically approved for employees who have no reporting lines (i.e., no managers)

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