Evaluate Probation
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Reviewing a new hire's probationary period to determine whether they are a good match for your business is a crucial part of employee management. With the newly released feature for evaluating employee probation, you can now manage the workflow after the probationary duration with ease, regardless of whether the new employee passed or failed probation.

The default probation period is 2 months, but you can redefine the general length of probation in Probation Settings.

Depending on the configuration of your access role, you may or may not have permission to view and edit probation evaluations. Please check with your Admin for access control.

Before evaluating a probation

When creating a new employee profile, whether through manual creation or import, you must select the box labeled "Apply probation" if you want to evaluate an employee's probation.

  1. When adding a candidate as an employee in Recruitment

  2. When manually creating a new profile

  3. When importing new profiles

⛔️ Caution: Opting out will result in exempted probation.

Evaluate Probation

To evaluate probation, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Employees > Manage Employees

  2. Find or search for the employee of your choice and click on their name to open profile

  3. Click Action and select Evaluate Probation

  4. Fill in the required information

    • Probation Start Date: this will coincide with the employee's join date, but you can always change it.

    • Probation End Date: is determined by the Probation Start Date and length of the probation period, but you can change this field.

    • Line manager: The line manager who approved the probation result.

      • This field is automatically filled following the information entered in Job Information

    • Evaluation Date: The day that the line manager approved the probation result

    • Result: Failed or Passed

      • If the result is "Failed", the employee status will automatically be changed from “Probationary” to:

        • Offboarding: if it is still within the probation period

        • Resigned: if it is beyond the Probation End Date, the employee account will be immediately deactivated

      • If the result is "Passed", the employee status will automatically be changed from “Probationary” to “Active”

    • Add Comments

    • Attached File: upload a file

      • Maximum supported file size: 5MB

      • Supported file format: DOC, DOCX, PDF

  5. Click Save to finish

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