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Line managers and project managers can select people to provide Peer Assessment to employees under your direct report or in your project. You will receive a notification to select peers for your employees. Follow the steps below to learn how to do it:

  1. Navigate to Performance > Team Reviews

  2. Select status In Progress and find the performance review you want and click on it

  3. In Assessments, click Select in the Peer column

  4. Enter the name of employee to search and add them to Peer Assessment

  5. Click Save to confirm

📌 Note:

  • You can only select peers for your employee during the peer selection period. Once peer selection ends, the selected people can start submitting a Peer Assessment. If no peer is selected, there will be no peer assessment for the employee.

  • Line managers and project managers can view the answer to the Peer Assessment of their direct reports or team members.

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