The HR in charge will receive notifications to preview Payroll 5 days before the actual pay date to check and confirm before closing payroll.

Table of contents:

Run Payroll

You need to go to Payroll > Employee Payroll and review payroll data by clicking on an employee's name.

Double-check all components in the employee payroll. Be advised that you will need to calculate the overtime according to your company's rate manually.

A Notice ⚠️ label will appear next to the employees when:

  • You need to set up employee's salary

  • Employee is assigned to multiple salary policies

  • Employee has been assigned to an office that is not in India

  • Missing data: Office, Gender,... in employee profile

Once everything is correct, the next step is to export it to a file and hand it over to the Payroll Accountant.

Close Payroll

The most important and final step is to close payroll. This will make sure that no changes can be made later.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to review Payroll carefully before closing, as you will not be able to reopen and make changes later. When Closing Payroll, any changes made after will only be reflected on the next cycle’s payroll review.

Generate Payslips

To generate payslips, you click on the Generate Payslips button.

Note: The system has a template Payslip; you can click on the Preview Payslip Template line to view it. If you have your own payslip, you can use the Payslip module to send Payslips to your employees.


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