India Localized Payroll provides the capabilities of calculating from Gross to Net Take Home, from salary & compliance components, as well as generating completed payslips for each employee after then, following up-to-date India Law.

Table of contents:

How to use the India Payroll version

⛔️ Important: Once you switch to India Payroll, you cannot return to the old payroll version. We recommend careful consideration before clicking "Switch to India Payroll".

  1. Navigate to Payroll

  2. Click on Explore New Payroll banner on the top left

  3. Choose Switch to India Payroll

  4. Click Switch to India Payroll to confirm

πŸ“Œ Note:

Who has access to India Payroll features?

With an administrator account, you can configure who has access to the Payroll features, as well as who can view/edit employee salary data.

Please see this detailed guideline on how to set up the India Payroll permission.


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