Now you can easily delete an employee on Grove HR. Depending on the configuration of your access role, you may or may not have access to this feature. Only the Administrator will be able to delete employees.

Follow the steps below to delete an employee record:

  1. Navigate to the Employees > Manage Employees

  2. Search for employee name you want to delete

  3. Click on ••• icon and select Delete Employee from the dropdown menu

  4. Read carefully the pop-up message and tick the box “Yes, I want to delete permanently”

  5. Click Confirm Delete.

⛔️ CAUTION: Before deleting employees, carefully read the pop-up message because you cannot revert or search for their information on the system once they have been deleted.


  • Admin should not be allowed to delete their own employee record.

  • Once the employee is deleted successfully, the system will delete all data of that employee, even in the report.


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