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Set up employee's Salary & Recurring Payments (manual setup)
Set up employee's Salary & Recurring Payments (manual setup)
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Before setting up payroll and its components, we recommend checking out how payroll works to get an idea of how to fully configure payroll settings.

  1. Navigate to Employee > Manage employees

  2. Find and click employee name to begin setting their gross salary and recurring compensations.

    Ex. Alta Littel LWD

  3. Switch to Payroll

  4. Click Set up Payroll, and fill in the required information

    • Pay Cycle: automatically chosen by the system. Pay cycle is the same for all employees

    • Salary: Add the amount monthly gross salary. At this step, you may need to concert hourly pay to the monthly salary

    • Effective date: select the date for the salary to be paid - generally based on the labor contract dates. If you don't select an end date, it means employee will always receive the same gross salary

    • Recurring Payments: select the suitable Recurring Payments for the employee and their start/end dates. If you don't choose an end date, employee will always be eligible for these recurring payments until they resign

  5. Click Save to finish. After saving, the components will be reflected in Payroll Details

Did you know that you can import employee salaries and recurring payments just by using templates? Click here to learn how.

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