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Set new Time Off Balance
Set new Time Off Balance
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Setting a new time off balance means you're inputting a new number to overwrite the employee's current balance. Let's look at an example:

You are just migrating to Grove HR. You have set up time off types, but because employees didn't submit requests on Grove HR before, you don't have historical data and need to update their time off balances to correspond to the report you have offsite:

  • The total entitlement for Sick Leave is 30 days per year.

  • Mary's balance is currently 7.5 days

  • John's balance is 3 days

So instead of you having to manually calculate how many days you need to add or remove days from their balance to achieve these numbers, which take time and are prone to mistakes, the Set new balance feature can help you do that in seconds.

Before starting, make sure your time off types are already set up in advance, and you have permission to perform Time Of Import. If not, please contact your Admin to request permissions.

  1. Click the Plus icon > Import > select Time Off

  2. Select Set new balance and download the Template

  3. Open the file and read the Introduction sheet carefully

  4. Move to the Template sheet and fill in the required columns before saving

    ๐Ÿ“Œ Note:

    • In the Employee Email and Time Off Type fields, enter the exact values (including upper and lower case letters) as they appear in the Grove HR system

    • In the New Balance field, only enter integers with a negative decimal up to three digits. For example, 2.333 days

  5. Upload file and click Next

  6. Map the name of the fields on Grove with the corresponding headers in the uploaded file. Headers that match exactly with the field name will be mapped automatically

  7. Click Preview when all fields and headers have been mapped

  8. Review the results (see the number of records to be created, check for duplications, skipped records, unmapped fields,...etc.) and then click Import

  9. Click OK when finishing.

  10. Now, you can go back and check the balance (Sick Leave Unpaid)

  11. Employee's Balance History will record the changes and Employee Time Off Balance will be updated accordingly

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