View Payslips on Mobile

You can view Payslips directly in your work email inbox. Learn how.

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Grove HR's Mobile App allows you to check your payslips on the go with just a few simple taps. No need to power up your computer for that.

You may also view your Payslips on the Web version and in your Email Inbox.

  1. Open Grove HR mobile app

  2. Tap on Profile at the bottom right corner

  3. Scroll down and tap on Payslips to view all files

  4. Tap on a file and download

View payslips on mobile


  • If the message "No documents yet" appears in the Payslips section, your payslip has not yet been posted. Please contact your Admin or HR

  • Your Admins and HR staff can control what information you have access to. If you cannot see the Payslip section, please contact them to request access


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