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Understand Task Types
Understand Task Types
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Understanding task types and their requirements will enable you to select the most suitable task types for your checklist templates.

There are three task types:

1. Checkbox

Typically designed for basic actions that don't need an updated result, such as reading the employee handbook, participating in company culture training, etc.

With this type of task, the assignee simply needs to click on Mark as Completed to finish.

2. Employee Information

Designed to acquire information, this task type requires the assignee to fill out missing information in the profile of the on/offboarding employee.

To perform this task, the assignee must fill out all required fields before marking the task as completed.

3. File Upload

Intended to collect documents such as contracts, personal documents, health insurance, etc., this type of task requires the assignee to upload soft-copy documents.

As an Admin (or HR), you can define the maximum number of files that the assignee can upload.

📌 Note:

  • Supported format: .jpg .jpeg .png .pdf .doc .docx .ppt .pptx .pps .ppsx .odt .xls .xlsx .txt.

  • The maximum number of files allowed is 10.

  • Maximum 1 file size is 5MB.

View completed tasks

You can view the completed tasks and even revert them back to the in-progress status.

  1. Navigate to the Checklists > Manage Checklist

  2. Select a status (In Progress or Completed), and HR in charge

  3. Click on the arrow before the employee name to view Task List, Due date, and Assignee. Completed tasks will have a green checkmark.

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