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Write Peer Assessment on Mobile App
Write Peer Assessment on Mobile App
Updated over a week ago

When selected to do Peer Assessment by your colleague's Manager, you will receive a notification to assess your colleague.

This guide is for the Mobile version. You may also write your Peer Assessment on the Web version.

Follow the steps below to learn how to do it:

  1. From Home, tap on Performance

  2. In Review in progress, find the performance review you want and tap on it

  3. Switch the tab to Assessments, scroll down to Peer assigned assessments

  4. Find the person you want to assess, and tap Write to start peer assessment

  5. Give answers to the questions. Question types can be rating, single-choice, multiple-choice, or open-ended.

  6. When all questions are answered, you can Preview or click Submit to finish

📌 Note:

  • After submitting a Peer Assessment, you will not be able to edit your answer. Please keep careful consideration before submitting

  • You can always continue writing Peer Assessment if you have not finished it before

  • Your colleague's Manager and HR can view your Peer Assessment answers

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