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Work is not only about working - it should also be fun!

What is Sprynkl?

Sprynkl is an employee engagement mobile app that makes your company culture-rich and fun. Along with Grove HR, Sprynkl is the place to connect you with your colleagues and build an irresistible work culture.

With Sprynkl, you and your colleagues can:

  • Post, like, and share anything with your team, from daily works, stories to hobbies outside of work,...

  • Send direct messages to each other.

  • Create and join interest groups that allow them to take a virtual 'break' from work

  • Launch polls and surveys instantly to gather feedback

  • Share instant feedback and build a culture of personal growth

  • Give your coworkers peer recognitions and redeem points for rewards

  • Onboard new team members

  • Integrate with Slack to never miss an update from Sprynkl, even when working

And much more...

Is Sprynkl a private place?

Yes, absolutely! Sprynkl is a private place for all employees in the company. Every company has its feed that nobody else can access without permission. Use your Grove HR account credentials to log in and get in touch with coworkers anytime and anywhere.

How does Sprynkl help me keep engaged?

Sprynkl has some great features that add fun to interact with your remote team! Thanks to that, it feels as if you were working desk-to-desk, not oceans apart.

  • Talk about your hobbies.

  • Share photos and videos. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words."

  • Stay updated with news from your HR team, exchange knowledge, and ask questions if you need advice.

  • Use #hashtags to see what's trending and @mentions to ping coworkers about what's important.

How can I onboard new team members with Sprynkl?

We all know how stressful your first day at work can be. Luckily, Sprynkl lets you send a customizable greeting message on behalf of your ambassador to new hires to make their first days that much better.


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