Create a Post on Sprynkl
In this article, you will learn how to publish a post on Sprynkl.
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To create a post, follow these steps:

  1. From your company home feed, click Create button on the bottom menu and select Post

  2. Choose if you want to create a post as yourself or anonymous

  3. Determine your target audience who can see your post.

    • All members in your Company: the post will be visible on your Company Feed

    • All members in any of your Groups: the post will be visible on the selected Group Feed

    • Specific members: the post will be visible only to selected members

  4. Text something and upload images, a video, or a link to publish.

  5. Click Post to create

💡 Tips:

  • Add pictures, videos, or links to keep people engaged in your post.

  • Use the @mention feature to get someone’s immediate attention on your post

  • Use #hashtag for driving the posting context as well as for later filter out the related post content.


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