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In this article, you will learn how to create or edit your groups on Sprynkl
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Create a new group on Sprynkl so that you and your colleagues can discuss more topics of common interest.

Create a new group

1. From your company home feed, click on the โ‰ก button

2. On the left menu, click the + New group button to create your interest group.

3. Give your group a name, avatar, and description so people can easily find it

4. Select a Privacy type:

  • Public: everyone (including non-members) can find and view content, react or comment in the group. Non-members cannot add posts

  • Private: everyone (including non-members) can find the group, but only members can view content, create posts, react and comment

5. Invite people to join your group (optional)

6. Click Create Group to finish

๐Ÿ“Œ Note:

1. If you are the group creator, you will have the admin role:

  • Edit the group name and avatar

  • Update the group privacy

  • Remove a member in your group

  • Transfer group admin to another member

  • Nominate someone as Moderator

  • Pin a post on the feed

2. As a Group Moderator, you can:

  • Nominate someone as Moderator

  • Pin a post on the feed

  • Remove a member in your group

Edit a group

You can only edit group info if you are the Group Admin

1. Click on the โ‰ก button > click on your group name

2. Click on the Edit icon and update your group info

3. Click Save to apply changes

How to find and join a group

1. Click on the Search Group Icon > Enter the group name

2. Click Join and share your thoughts with the group

๐Ÿ’ก Tips: Search results only display groups that you are not a member of.


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