Create a new group on Sprynkl so that you and your colleagues can discuss more topics of common interest.

Create a new group

1. From your company home feed, click on the button

2. On the left menu, click the + New group button to create your interest group.

3. Give your group a name, avatar, and description so people can easily find it

4. Select a Privacy type:

  • Public: everyone (including non-members) can find and view content, react or comment in the group. Non-members cannot add posts

  • Private: everyone (including non-members) can find the group, but only members can view content, create posts, react and comment

5. Invite people to join your group (optional)

6. Click Create Group to finish

📌 Note:

1. If you are the group creator, you will have the admin role:

  • Edit the group name and avatar

  • Update the group privacy

  • Remove a member in your group

  • Transfer group admin to another member

  • Nominate someone as Moderator

  • Pin a post on the feed

2. As a Group Moderator, you can:

  • Nominate someone as Moderator

  • Pin a post on the feed

  • Remove a member in your group

Edit a group

You can only edit group info if you are the Group Admin

1. Click on the button > click on your group name

2. Click on the Edit icon and update your group info

3. Click Save to apply changes

How to find and join a group

1. Click on the Search Group Icon > Enter the group name

2. Click Join and share your thoughts with the group

💡 Tips: Search results only display groups that you are not a member of.


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