Create a Poll on Sprynkl

This article will guide you the way how to create Polls and vote your answer on Sprynkl

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  • What: Poll provides a tool to acquire employees' opinions on a given topic. The poll has only 1 question so it's ideal to decide between 2 or more choices.

  • Why: Make a decision based on the result.

  • How: anyone can create. Participants in the selected group can vote

  • When: anytime, anywhere

  • Who: the person who created, Recipient: Company-wide or selected Group

Create a Poll

A poll can be set up by anyone in your company. The person who creates a poll is not necessarily the Admin or HR in charge. With that logic, they can select any Recipient group (Company-wide or private groups) as the participants.

  1. From the home feed, click on Create > Poll

  2. Select Create from Scratch or a Create from Template

  3. Give your poll a name and a purpose/ description, it will be included when you export the result.

  4. Enter a Deadline and Reminder (if necessary). Choose the participants in Recipient. Click Next and create your question

  5. Click Create Poll and select Single Choice or Multiple Choices

  6. Enter your question and add choices

  7. Click Finish and Upload to complete

📌 Note:

  • For the Poll template, you can load your template file or get Sprynkl samples via email.

  • To review all the polls you have ever created or answered, go to More > Poll

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