• What: Survey provides a tool to acquire employees' opinions on a given topic. A survey can have multiple questions, which helps in analyzing the answers of participants.

  • Why: Analyze and/or make decisions based on the result.

  • How: anyone can create. Participants in the selected group can answer the survey

  • When: anytime, anywhere

  • Who: the person who created, Recipient: Company-wide or selected Group

Create a Survey

A survey can be set up by anyone in your company. Therefore, the person who creates a survey is not necessarily the Admin or HR in charge. With that logic, they can select any Recipient group (Company-wide or private groups) as the participants.

  1. From your company home feed, click Create button on the bottom menu and select Survey

  2. Select Create from Scratch or Create from Template

  3. Give your survey a name and a purpose/ description.

  4. Select a Type: One time or Recurring

    Recurring survey type:

    • The same set of questions will be asked on a schedule, and are repeated at some frequency

    • Frequencies of repeating: Weekly and Monthly

    • Repetitive Times: how many times within the repeated frequency, the survey will be sent out to the target audience.

      Example: You want to send a weekly WFH check-up survey to all your company employees in 1 month. You can select repeat frequency is Weekly and Repetitive Times is 4

  5. Enter a Deadline and Reminder (if necessary). Choose the participants in Recipient. Click Next and create your question

  6. Click Create a question and select the type:

    • Free Text: participants can enter their own answer

    • Single Choice: participants can select 1 answer

    • Multiple Choices: participants can select more than 1 answers

  7. Enter your question and add choices

  8. Add a new question if necessary

  9. Click Finish and Upload to complete

πŸ“Œ Note:

  • For the Survey template, you can load your template file or get Sprynkl samples via email.

  • To review all the surveys you have ever created or surveys that need your response, go to More > Survey

How to take part in a survey

You will only be able to see the survey if you are a member of the Target Recipients.

  1. From your company home feed, go to More

  2. Click on Survey > Take Survey

  3. Enter your answer

πŸ’‘ Tips: You can unselect your answer in single or multiple choices.


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