P2P recognition feature

  • What: Recognition programs allow employees to recognize professional achievements or personal support in their workplace. It can be in the same team or any person in the company. They will be given certain points to give out in a month. It will expire at the end of the month if not used. Points can be used to redeem vouchers or products.

  • Why: boost company morale, celebrate achievements. Motivate employees and foster peer relationships.

  • How: Admin to configure P2P recognition. Employees to give recognitions

  • When: anytime and anywhere

  • Who: Admin, employees

Set up the Recognition Program for your Company


1. Log in to Sprynkl using your Grove HR account, go to More, and click on Recognition

2. Click on Vertical Ellipsis icon > Set up Points

  • The Renewal Cycle defaults for Monthly. You will need to select

  • Effective Date: When the P2P Recognition Program starts for the whole company

  • Renew Giveaway Points on: Employee's point will be renewed each month

  • Maximum allocated points to each member: the total points are given to an employee per month

  • Maximum received from each member once time: the maximum point an employee can receive from another colleague

  • Total maximum received one month: the total points they can receive within 1 cycle

4. Click Save to apply.

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