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View Hiring Jobs in Recruitment

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The Recruitment modules are accessible to Admins and any users with access rights. Each job will have a second-level access setting to restrict who can view and join the hiring process. In a job posting:

  • Admins have the right to view, edit, and manage any job posting by default. Admins will not receive email notification on new candidates added

  • Hiring Team (users listed as Hiring Team in the job posting) can view, edit, manage the hiring process and receive email notifications when a new candidate is added.

ℹ️ Use case:

  • Assume your business has recruiters specifically assigned to each department, such as Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.

  • You want recruiters in charge of Sales and Marketing to only manage the hiring information for these departments and not see the specifics of other positions (i.e., Engineering and Human Resources).

  • To achieve this outcome, add only Sales and Marketing recruiters when hiring a position in Sales.

Follow the steps below to add a member to the Hiring team:

  1. Go to Recruitment > Job

  2. Select a Job post > click Edit to open it

  3. Click Save & Continue > Confirm

  4. Enter your coworker's name in Hiring Team

  5. Click Finish to update the changes

📌 Note:

  • Member(s) included in the Hiring Team can make changes to job details, candidates, and hiring stages.

  • You can only add employees who have access rights to the Recruitment module in Hiring Team.

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