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Integrate Google Drive into Documents
Integrate Google Drive into Documents

In this article, we will walk you through how to integrate Google account to upload files from Google Drive to Grove.

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Integrate Google Drive to Grove HR:

  1. At the dashboard, navigate to the Documents module

  2. Click on a folder

  3. Choose upload from Google Drive

  4. Choose the Google account and click Allow

Upload files from Google Drive

After integrating Grove with Google Drive successfully, you can now upload files from Google Drive.

  1. Click on upload files from Google Drive

  2. Choose a file from Google Drive โ†’ select a file or multiple files

  3. Click Select to upload files


  • After the admin/ authorized people upload a file from Google Drive, there will be no relation between those 2 files. If the file is updated in Drive, the file in Grove will not be updated, and vice versa.

  • When an employee is resigned, he/ she will be removed from Google Drive authorization

  • When an employee is rehired, he/ she must authorize again if he/ she wants to upload the file from Drive.

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