Tracking employee attendance timesheet reports is easier with the filtering feature. You could filter employee attendance with period time, status, locations and records.

1/ Go to Attendance > Employee attendance tab

2/ Select or search for an employee to view his/ her attendance sheet

3/ Now you can track the employee's attendance report easier by using filters for attendance cycle, status, clock-in/ out locations and changed record.

A. Filter by cycle

B. Filter by status

The admin/ HR managers can track employee attendance status (approved, rejected, pending) by click on the status filter.

C. Filter by locations

The admin and HR-in-charge are able to filter employee clock-in/ out locations (inside or outside).

D. Filter by records

Now, the admin/ HR managers can track the employee who missed clock-in/ out, clock-in on the non-working day or his/ her attendance had edited.

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