Integrating with Google Calendar, your time offs can be displayed on your personal calendar. This helps reduce schedule conflicts between team members, departments or clients.

Changes made in Grove HR's Time Off module are updated to your Google Calendar in real-time to provide a seamless experience. Learn how you can sync or unsync Grove HR's Time Off module to Google Calendar:

Synch your Time Off to Google Calendar

When enabled, all pending and approved Time Offs will be shown on your Google Calendar. If a request were cancelled or rejected, it would be automatically removed from your calendar.

Make sure your Office's Time Zone matches with your Time Zone in Google Calendar for Time Offs to be sync correctly.

  1. From Home, go to Time Off

  2. Tap on More (or β€’β€’β€’ icon) > Tap Sync to Google Calendar

  3. Select a Google Account to connect with Grove HR > Grant access

Unsync Time Off and Google Calendar

After unsyncing, your Time Offs will remain unchanged on your Google Calendar. Your future Time Offs will no longer be integrated into your calendar.

  1. Go to Time Off

  2. Click on More > Toggle the button to turn off Sync to Google Calendar


  • Changes made on your Google Calendar will not reflect on Grove HR

  • If you revert authorization for Grove HR in Google preferences, your Time Off requests will no longer be synchronized with Google Calendar


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