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Create & Manage Folders
Create & Manage Folders

This article will guide you on the way how to create, edit, or delete folders.

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It takes you time to control and maintain company documents? Need one place more convenient and helpful to manage and faster to share with your employees? Grove's document management module will help you to do that with just a few simple clicks.

Authorized users with access to the Documents module can create, modify, and remove folders and files. If you are unable to perform such actions, it might be because you do not have the authorization. Please ask your Admin for permission.

Create new folders

  1. Navigate to the Documents module

  2. Click New folder

  3. Name the folder and give the description (optionally)

  4. Click Create

Set sharing option

  1. Find the folder you want to set the sharing option

  2. Toggle the share button to enable

  3. Click the Share icon setting and select options:

    • Everyone: all employees can view the contents in the folder

    • Departments: only selected departments (or sub-departments) can view contents in the folder

    • Offices: only selected offices can view contents in the folder

    • Employee Groups: only selected employees groups can view contents in the folder

  4. Click Share to apply

Edit/ delete and download folders

To edit/ delete any folder, select the folder you would like to adjust and click on Edit folder/ Delete folder.

Click the download icon to download the whole folder.

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