Forgot to clock out or working outside of your office without access to the internet? Don't worry, we've got you covered. When using Grove HR's Attendance module, you can edit the hours worked on both the Web and Mobile App. Simply follow the instruction here:

On web version

  1. Go to Attendance > My Attendance

  2. Select Attendance Cycle and find the date that you want to edit

  3. Click on ••• icon and select Edit Paid Time or Edit Overtime

  4. Click on the hour field and choose from the dropdown list

  5. Leave a reason for editing your hours

  6. Click Save to apply changes

On mobile version

  1. In Home, tap on Attendance > My attendance

  2. Select Attendance Cycle

  3. Tap on the date you want to edit to open the detail view

  4. Tap on ••• icon and select Paid Time or Edit overtime

  5. Adjust your hours and add a note

  6. Lastly, tap Save to apply changes


  • You can only edit pending days in Attendance within the last 31 days

  • Locations and clock-in/out time CANNOT be edited

  • Edit history can be viewed by HR/ Line managers

  • Only Line managers can access the Team Attendance view. Employees will receive the "You need to have subordinates to use this feature" message when tapping on this view

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