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Create Employee Profile on Mobile App
Create Employee Profile on Mobile App

This article will guide you to create an employee profile.

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Creating an employee profile in your workplace can be done anywhere, anytime via the Grove HR mobile app.

Depending on the configuration of your access role, you may or may not have access to this feature. Please check with your Admin for access control.

  1. From Home, tap on Directory

  2. Tap on the Plus (+) icon

  3. Fill in employee information

  4. Toggle Send invite email to send an invitation to your employee. If not, you can invite them later

  5. Tap Create when finish

After the profile is created, it will still be missing some information. You can open the new profile and fill it out, or ask employees to fill out via Onboarding. Learn how to create an information acquisition task here.

If employee activates their account before the official join date, they can only access the Onboarding task(s) in the Checklists module, Documents module, and their own profile. Learn more about Pre-boarding Data Access.


  • When checking Send invite email, an activation link will be sent to your employee after you click Create.

  • The Onboarding status would immediately be given to newly added employees. To modify, open employee profile, tap on Job Information and edit the field Employee Status

  • To import bulk employees, please refer to the article Import Bulk Employee Profiles.

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