Sample data

Use sample data to explore the system and learn what the Grove HR has to offer.

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When you sign up for a Grove HR account, the system will ask if you want to load Grove HR's sample data for exploration.

If you choose:

  • Yes, Generate Data: The system automatically populates employee details, onboarding progress, and time off requests, among other data, for a comprehensive exploration experience of Grove HR.

  • No. I will fill my own data: If you already have your own sample data, choose this option to explore your workspace. Click to learn how to import your employee data.

Clear Sample Data

When you're ready to begin digitizing your company HR processes, click Clear sample data in the bottom left corner.

📌 Note:

  • Any data entered before clearing sample data will be erased. The Company settings (information, logo, policies, and so on) and your Admin account will remain unchanged

  • Please export added data (if any) before clearing sample data

  • Payroll cannot be tested

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