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Custom Export Payroll (Gross to Net export)
Custom Export Payroll (Gross to Net export)
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Grove HR's new Payroll feature will improve your way of calculating and exporting employee payroll. Now you are able to export the Gross salary data and have it calculated to Net salary.

How Does It Work?

Custom Export allows authorized users to have a Gross to Net salary report on hand just by using a salary calculation sheet (which contains all the formulas for calculating salary from Gross to Net).

Grove HR - Gross to Net

How to Upload a Salary Calculation Sheet

When everything looks good in the Payroll review, and you're happy with the Employee Payroll, it's time to export. Now, you can either choose to download a CSV file and calculate Gross to Net salary or have it calculated for you by using the option Export customized Excel.

  1. In Payroll > Employee Payroll, click on Export and select Export customized excel

  2. Click Upload, select a salary calculation sheet (with formulas for calculating Gross to Net salary)

  3. Select a calculation sheet and click Next

๐Ÿ“Œ Note: You can download our sample Template to understand how the Salary calculation sheet should look in order to work well

Map Fields

This stage can get tricky, so we recommend paying close attention to each field:

  1. Select the Starting (1) and Ending row (2)

  2. Select a Uniquely Identify Field (UIF) (3). This could be Email, Employee ID, or phone number. For the sake of accuracy, we advise using Email as the Uniquely Identify Field

  3. Match the UIF with the Template Column

  4. Select the Populated fields by matching the Grove fields on the left to the Template Column (4) on the right

  5. Click Preview to move to the next stage


  • In the template, the records start from row 2 (the 1st employee) and end at row 24 (the 23rd employee), so the Starting row is 2, and the Ending row is 24.

  • The UIF is Email and corresponds to column E

  • The Populated fields (Total compensation, salary, Actual, etc.) all match column F (Total Comp), G (Base Salary), and H (Gross Salary)



Preview and Export File

  1. After the mapping process is done, you'll see 3 sections:

  • New record: records have been mapped successfully. Revise records to make sure Identity Values are matched in corresponding to Employee Name

  • Duplicate record: Identity Value is duplicated. Double-check the UIF (Email, Employee ID, etc) in Grove HR system and your template before starting again

  • Unmapped record: Identity Value cannot be found in the system. Double-check the UIF (Email, Employee ID, etc.) in the Grove Hr system and your template before starting again

2. After reviewing, click Export to download your customized file

3. Now, you just need to pay your employees according to the calculated Net salary (double-check the file if needed)

๐Ÿ“Œ Note:

  • The uploaded templates will be available for the next use

  • When closing the Export popup at stage 3 (Preview & Export), it will remain unchanged. You can continue when opening it again

  • Clicking on Cancel at stage 3 will dismiss all results

  • If several people have access to the Payroll module, they cannot view other people's sessions

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