There can be several explanations as to why you can't log in to your account. Here are the most popular reasons and how to fix them:

Forgot password

This might be the most popular reason. If you simply forget, just click on "Forgot password?" and reset it.

Account hasn't been activated

If you are not sure, we advise checking with your Admin and request he/she to send you a re-invite. Then, follow the activation instruction here.

Misspelled Workplace URL/User name/Password

It's always a good idea to double-check what you typed and ensure you haven't left the CAPS LOCK button on or misspelled any letter. If you forget your Workplace URL, look for it in the verification email from and try to login again.

Using wrong credentials

Make sure you don't log in using your personal email in place of your work email.

Email address was modified

Check with Admin to find out if your email address has been modified on Grove HR. In which case, you will need to log in using the new email address.

Error happens after a bulk import (or bulk update)

Something may have gone wrong while Admin or HR in charge uses the Bulk import feature to mass update information. If this happens, please ask the person in charge to contact our Customer Support.

If you can't find any workable solutions, please contact us by chat or email us at Our Customer Support team is always happy to assist.

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