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This article explains how you can Import Employee Payroll quickly and conveniently.

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Grove HR's Payroll import feature allows you to import a large number of fixed salaries without the need to do so manually.

Before starting, make sure your Payroll components (General, Pay cycle, and Compensations) are already set up.

Depending on the configuration of your access role, you may or may not have access to this feature. Please check with your Admin for access control.

Import first salaries

  1. Click the Plus + icon > Import Payroll > select Fixed salary > Next > Download Template

  2. Open the template and read the Introduction sheet carefully

  3. Open the Fixed Salary sheet and fill in the required columns before saving.

    ⛔️ Note:

    • Enter only numbers in the Amount field (without special characters).

    • Records can only be imported from the employee's join date. Ex: Brittany Smith's join date is 09 Jul 2021, her salary can only be valid from 09 Jul 2021 onward.

  4. Upload the file and click Next

  5. Map the name of the fields on Grove with the corresponding headers in the uploaded file. Headers that match exactly with the field name will be mapped automatically.

  6. Click Preview when all fields and headers have been mapped

  7. Review the results (see the number of profiles to be created, check for duplicated information, errors, skipped records...), and then click Import

  8. Click OK when finishing

Schedule future salaries

Using the Fixed Salary import feature, you can also schedule changes in employees' salaries. The steps are the same as importing your first salaries.

Some rules for scheduling future salaries:

  1. You cannot import records with dates before the current active records.

    Example: Samantha's current salary record (with green status) started on 01 Mar 2022 and with no effective end date.

    βœ… Acceptable schedule date: after 01 Mar 2022.

    ❌ Unsuitable schedule date: before 01 Mar 2022.

    When importing a salary schedule with an unsuitable date, the system will display the error 'Cannot update records in the past.'

  2. You can only import 1 record per employee and the employee's status cannot be resigned.

    One email corresponds to one record. If you import 2 or more records with the same email (same employee), the system will ask you which record you want to keep.

    πŸ“Œ Note: Grove Record is the employee's current salary

  3. You cannot edit or delete past, current, or scheduled records with salary import

    You cannot edit or delete past, current, or scheduled records with salary import. Please use the website to edit it manually, note that:

    • Past records cannot be edited or deleted.

    • Current salary record cannot be deleted but can be edited on the website. You can only edit the following fields: amount, effective end time, and reason

    • Scheduled records can be edited and deleted on the website. You can edit all fields including Effective Start Time on the website


  • You can only import salaries of non-resigned employees

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