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Complete Guide to Set up Grove HR
Complete Guide to Set up Grove HR
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New to Grove HR? We've got you covered. Follow this guide to set up your workspace and save time spend on your HR administrative tasks.

Step 1: Clear Sample Data

When signing up for Grove HR, you will find sample data to explore the features and functions. Then, after you're done, you can clear it and add your own.

Step 2: Update your Company Info

Organize your workspace and update basic Company Info. A logo is recommended to let your employees understand that they are using your company's workspace.

Step 3: Configure your Company Structure

Build a structure for your company. Decide what the Job Titles, Department chart will look like. How many roles there will be, and what these roles can do? Set up work schedule(s) for your employees.

Step 4: Create or Import employee profiles

No more complicated process when adding employee profiles. Gather information in a spreadsheet to import it to Grove HR.

Step 5: Set up your policy

Configure Time Off and Attendance to start digitizing your leave process as well as tracking employee working time.

Step 6: Set up Payroll

Configure payroll components and define your pay cycle.

πŸ“Œ Note: (*) You cannot adjust Payroll General Settings saving. So please choose carefully before clicking the Save button.

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