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This article helps you understand more about Payroll Preparation Review and the way how to view/ adjust before exporting.

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The HR in charge will receive notifications to preview Payroll 5 days before the actual pay date to check and confirm, before closing payroll.

You need to then open Payroll Preview, and go over payroll data by clicking on an employee's name. Double-check the total working hours, time off, and compensations. Be advised that you will need to manually calculate the overtime according to your company's rate.

A NEED SETUP label will appear next to the employees that have not been set up with payroll.

If you have selected Use time attendance in the Payroll setting, the number of working hours will be reflected in the Attendance section.

At the Total compensation table, there are main modules related to Payroll preparation (Time-off, Attendance). Click on the navigating arrow symbol next to any of the headings to navigate to that section's details. Any changes made on the system will be shown in orange, hover your mouse pointer over the orange part to see the notes.

Once everything is correct, the next step is to export it to a file and hand over to the Payroll Accountant.

The most important and final step is to close payroll. This will make sure that no changes can be made later.

📌 IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to review Payroll carefully before closing as you will not be able to reopen and make changes later. When Closing Payroll, any changes made after will only be reflected on the next cycle’s payroll review.

How Grove HR’s Payroll Preview feature can benefit your company to run Payroll efficiently and accurately:

1/ The full list of employees with data changes from the last Pay cycle are highlighted and presented at the top of the list.

2/ The admin/HR in charge can see compensation details precisely.

3/ Auto- calculate employees payroll components:

  • Unpaid leaves will be deducted from the employee’s gross salary. The deducted amount is calculated based on the hourly prorated salary and total hours that the employee has taken.

  • OT hours: HR in charge will have to calculate the hours of overtime and input directly for each employee in the Payroll Preview.

4/ Employees with Join dates amid the Pay Cycle will be labeled as “New” and leaving employees will be marked as “Leaving”. The HR in charge can proceed to take necessary actions and adjust compensation if needed.

5/ Automatically calculate offset payments (if any)

6/ Automatically collect the following data for a revision

  • Start date (i.e. the joining date according to the latest labor contract)

  • End date

  • Last working day

  • Employment status

  • Job title

  • Bank information

  • Dependents information (for tax calculation)

  • Status ‘confirmed’ or ‘unconfirmed’ of the time attendance records (HR in charge can still decide to pay employees even when time attendance records are unconfirmed)

7/ Notify the HR in charge of the dates when certain data has been modified.

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