This article will help you understand how to configure and manage recurring compensations in Grove.

You can easily set up recurring payments as well as the limit for monthly overtime before adding them to Employee Payroll. Choose which items can be repeated per payroll, monthly or yearly.

Set up a Recurring payment

Before creating a recurring payment, prepare a list of all the common recurring items, types and amounts. Examples can be found here.

Next, follow this instruction:

  1. In Payroll, go to Settings > Compensation Settings > Recurring.

  2. Click Add Recurring Payment and complete all required fields:

  • Name: choose a name for recurring compensation

  • Description: describe the recurring payment (optional)

  • Repeat Every: choose from the dropdown box to set the time period

  • Repeat On: this field will pop up if you choose "Repeat Every 1 Year"

  • Payment type: 2 options (Fixed Amount and 100% of Employee Monthly Salary)

  • Amount: enter the amount of payment

  • Eligibility: this field will pop up if you choose "Repeat Every 1 Year"

  • Calculate Base On Last: this field will pop up if Repeat Every 1 Year and 100% of Employee Monthly Salary are chosen.

  • Valid From: choose the affected date of recurring payment

  • End Date: select the end date of recurring payment

  • Prorate Payment: select to calculate recurring payment based on actual calendar days.

3. Click Save to confirm action.


a. If you choose "Repeat every X Week/Month" then only Fixed Amount will be available

b. If you choose "Repeat every 1 Year" then you can either select Fixed Amount or 100% of Employee Monthly Salary.

c. The required fields will be changed when selecting a different type of Repeat Every (Week, Month, or Year)

Edit or delete a Recurring payment:

  • In Payroll, go to Settings > Compensation Settings > Recurring.

  • Choose the item you want to edit or delete and click More.

  • Click Edit to change any fields (remember to click Save).

  • Click Delete, then confirm delete (or cancel)

The following examples illustrate meticulously how recurring payments work.

Assume that the employee has a join date on Friday, 10th of January, 2020

Set up monthly overtime limit

  • In Payroll, go to Settings > Compensation Settings > Overtime

  • Enter the limit hours for working overtime, this must be in accordance with your country‚Äôs regulation and Employment contract.

  • Click Save when finished.


  • Only when not added to the Employee Payroll can recurring payments be deleted or edited.

  • A standard working day is fixed at 8 hours for this version of Payroll (customizable options are available in the paid plan)

  • You will need to apply recurring payments in Employee Payroll to ensure that they are reflected in Payroll Preparation. View Set up Employee Payroll (For HR) for more information.

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