Pay Cycle Setting

How to set up a pay cycle

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Before setting up payroll and its components, we recommend checking out how payroll works to get an idea of how to fully configure payroll settings.

Set up Pay Cycle:

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Settings

  2. Click Pay Cycles to begin

  3. Fill in the required fields:

    • Name: choose a name for your Pay Cycle

    • Description: enter information to describe the new Pay Cycle (optional)

    • Effective from: the month in which the pay cycle takes place (only the following months can be selected)

    • Repeat every: this section allows you to adjust Pay Cycles according to your company policy (1 Month, 1 Week, 2 Weeks, etc.,)

    • Cut-off date: enter the latest date that information should be submitted

    • The person in Charge: add the person who will receive notices to review payroll.

    • Review before pay date: default value is 5 days in advance.

    • Criteria: default value is all employees

    • Use Time Attendance: Use the toggle button to Enable or Disable data feeding from Attendance module to calculate employee payroll.

    • Calculate OT (Overtime) from Time Attendance: This option will only be available if Use Time Attendance is enabled.

  4. Click Save to confirm the action.

Edit Pay Cycle

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Settings

  2. Click on the Pay Cycles tab to view available pay cycle(s)

  3. Click More (⋮ icon) > Edit

  4. Adjust the corresponding fields

  5. Select a new Effective From (date). The new effective date must be after the current pay cycle

  6. Click Save to apply changes

💡Tip: When making changes to a Pay Cycle, remember to select a new date in Effective From, or you'll receive the error message "Payroll cycle is running". This means your changes have not been saved.


  • Only one pay cycle is available in this version

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