Grove HR's Employee Attendance helps you keep track of all employees’ working hours, deficit, overtime and feeds data into the Payroll module for Payroll Preparation.

Before starting, make sure you have access to the Employee Attendance tab. If not, please contact your Admin to request permissions.

Understanding actions in the Employee Attendance tab

  • Edit: adjust employee's hours

  • Approve: approve employee's attendance

  • Reject: reject employee's attendance

  • Revert: returning attendance's status to Pending

  • Confirm: confirm final attendance before it is taken into account for payroll.

⛔️ CAUTION: A confirmed attendance CANNOT be reverted

View employee time attendance:

1. The admin/ HR managers can view employee's timezone if they work in other countries. In addition, you can view employees' clock-out note.

📌 Note:

  • All future attendance records will be hidden. The user can only see the record line from the cycle start date to today.

  • The sorting order of the cycle will be from the latest time to the old time.

2. Orange colour highlights employees' time attendance record need to be considered such as:

  • Missing clock-in/out

  • Record edited actual

  • Edit OT

  • Clock in/ out on Holiday/ leave

📌 Note:

  • Color-code will not change after the admin approves/ rejects that time attendance.

  • Currently, there is only one colour code for all reasons for TA, the admin/ HR manager need to click each employee to view details.

Bulk Approve and Reject attendance

With this method, you can Approve, Reject or Revert an employee's attendance for the whole cycle.

  1. Go to Attendance > Employee Attendance

  2. Select Attendance Cycle

  3. View employee attendance by scrolling the bottom bar to the right

  4. Click on ••• and select Approve or Reject

⛔️ CAUTION: This action will apply to the whole attendance cycle. Please consider carefully before confirming.

📌 Note:

  • This action will apply to the whole attendance cycle

  • HR and Admin can Approve or Reject employee attendance if managers have not done it at the end of the cycle

  • Approving attendance while employees are still clocked in will disable the clock-out option. Please revert this action

  • Upon approving attendance, you will receive this message if employees had clocked-in offsite or location could not be found

💡Tips: You can select multiple employees and approve their attendance at the same time

Single Approve and Reject attendance

Using this method, you can have a detailed view of employee's actual work hours, how many shifts they were doing, check their clock-in/out locations and time.

  1. Go to Attendance > Employee Attendance

  2. Click on an employee name, and you'll see:

  • Clock In/Out: the exact time when an employee clocked in and out

  • Clock In/Out Location: when enabling Geofencing, you'll see employee's clock-in/out location here

  • Work Schedule: total hours an employee is expected to be on the job (already set by Admin)

  • Logged Time: the actual amount of hours when an employee clock in and clock out.

  • Paid time: hours are officially paid based on Work Schedule and Logged time. You will see the ✎ icon if it was edited

  • Deficit: the scheduled hours he/she didn’t complete

  • Overtime: the hours worked that beyond his/her scheduled hours.

  • Status: Approve, Reject, or Pending

  • Note: This could be a comment of an employee, line manager, or person in charge. If Actual hours were adjusted, you can click here to view the activities

3. Click on ••• and select Approve or Reject. You can also edit employee's Paid time or adjust Overtime.

💡Tips: Select all or multiple days for fast approval

Revert attendance status

Made a mistake when approving employee's attendance? Want to modify attendance status? No need to worry as Grove's got you covered. You can follow the instruction below to Revert employee attendance status.

⛔️ CAUTION: Only Approved and Rejected status can be reverted.

  1. Go to Attendance > Employee Attendance

  2. Select Attendance Cycle

  3. Click on an employee name to view attendance in detailed

  4. Locate the date(s) that you want to revert

  5. Click on ••• and select Revert

💡Tips: Select all or multiple days for faster revert

Confirm Employee Attendance

After employee attendance has been approved at the end of an Attendance cycle, we recommend closing Attendance so data can be fed into Payroll accurately (if you use this module for Payroll).

Confirming Attendance will disable all actions (edit, approve, reject, and revert status), and consequently, prevents any changes.

  1. Go to Attendance > Employee Attendance

  2. Select Attendance Cycle

  3. View employee attendances by scroll the bottom bar to the right

  4. Make sure employee attendance are all approved

  5. Click on ••• and select Confirm

⛔️ CAUTION: Once attendance is confirmed, they will no longer be editable.

📌 Note:

  • Users can only “Confirm” the approved/rejected status.

Export Attendance records

You can export a CSV of employee attendance at any time during an Attendance Cycle.

  1. Go to Attendance > Employee Attendance

  2. Select Attendance Cycle

  3. Click on Download CSV

📌 Note:

  • Keep in mind that Time Attendance is an important element relevant to Payroll Preparation (if you use this module for Payroll). Therefore, please review carefully before clicking Confirm because you CANNOT edit or adjust the Attendance later

  • Users can only update the attendance record within the last 31 days (even if Payroll is not closed)


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