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How Grove HR handle and take care of your data
How Grove HR handle and take care of your data

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We take your data security very seriously. Here is how we protect your data:

  1. All information being sent to/from Grove HR is encrypted using HTTPS. This is also called ‘encryption in transit’. But we believe that’s not enough, so…

  2. We also encrypt your data ’at rest’ - i.e., when it’s stored in your dedicated database. This means that even if someone found a way to get their hands on your database (by hypothetically hacking the highly secured Google Cloud where we host your database), they wouldn’t be able to read the information

  3. To make your pay-related data even more secure, we have implemented yet another layer of security by specifically encrypting it using an encryption key (using the global standard AES256 (Advanced Encryption Standard)) that is managed independently by Google. These keys have an expiration date, and Google automatically creates new encryption keys to ensure your data is always safe. We (Grove) do not store those keys anywhere and do not know those keys either. Only your company can access this data through your Grove account

  4. Finally, the Payslip files you upload to Grove via the Payslip feature are also encrypted on Google servers. In the unlikely event that someone managed to break through Google security layers and find your files, s/he wouldn’t be able to read those files anyways

Google uses the most up-to-date security standards in the industry and is used to secure the world’s top global organizations. To know more about the global security standards being applied to Google Cloud (where we host your company data), please visit this link.

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