Grove HR's payslip module will not only help you delivering payslips efficiently but also allows your employee to check their payslip on both the Grove HR platform and in their email.

The Payslip module's purpose is for sending payslips to employees only, it does not generate payslips at the moment.

1. On the navigation bar, click on Payslip and select files or folders to import.

2. Next, the system will perform field mapping to search for emails. Please review each payslip carefully to make sure there is no error before hitting Send Email.

3. Payslip will be sent to employees by email and employees can view payslip in their profile's Document tab or in email.

Important notes:

  • Be cautious when uploading and sending payslips, once a payslip is sent you will not be able to revert or undo it.

  • Supported file format: PDF, DOCX

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