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Time Attendance Setting
Time Attendance Setting
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Grove HR's Time Attendance allows businesses to track the time employees spend in the office or on a project. It solves the error-prone and time-wasting issue of manually keeping up with these details in different spreadsheets.

Before starting, make sure you have access to Attendance Settings. If not, please contact your Admin to request permissions.

Define General Setting:

  • Attendance Start Date: the first day of a new attendance cycle.

  • Attendance Approval cycle: the rhythm of the cycle, which can either be weekly or monthly. Managers or admins will need to approve the logged time after each cycle ends.

  • Repeat on: which exact day the next attendance cycle can start.

📌 Note:

  • Attendance Start Date cannot be a date in the past. You must choose a new date for it to take effect

  • The repeat option is only applicable when choosing the Attendance approval Cycle as monthly.

  • Be advised that there are 2 options for repeating: on the same date next month or the same day of the week.

Person in Charge:

Assign HR members, Administrators, or Line Managers to supervise this list. The person(or people) chosen will automatically receive a notification one (1) day before the end of the attendance cycle to review employees’ attendance records.

📌 Note: Only permitted members can be added. Learn how to grant access to a role here.


Now you can easily keep track of employees' log-in locations and select the most suitable ways your employees can clock in/out on Grove HR. Please refer to the article Feature Release: Geofencing and Enable clock-in/out options to learn more.

QR Code:

Use Grove HR's real-time QR code generator to avoid unnecessary contacts and help employees quickly clock in with Grove HR's mobile app.

Select how long (in seconds or minutes) before a new QR code is auto-generated. Security Type helps prevent malpractice upon logging in. There are two options:

  • Public URL for everyone: everyone will be able to access the URL.

  • Restricted URL with Password: only people who know the password can access the URL and view the QR code. The Admin needs to create a Password when choosing this option.

When you are done, click Start Generating QR code to apply changes. To view the QR code, click Start displaying QR Code.

You will need to put up a device (a tablet or computer screen) in a common area, such as the reception or lobby to project the QR code. This contactless option is highly recommended to avoid spreading diseases in the office.

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