After reading this article, you will understand how using GroveHR Mobile App can save time when submitting a Time-off request. Please simply follow the guides below:

Submit Time-off type

View Time-off balance

Important tips


1. From Home, go to the Time Off tab.

2. Tap on Book request

3. Select the Time off type by tapping the arrow at the top-right corner. The remaining balance will be displayed.

4. Select the leave period by tapping on a date, adjust the hours if needed.

5. Enter Note, Attach a file, or Add people to notify them (optional).

6. Remember to Submit when finished.


1. At Time-off tab, tap on ⓘ icon on the top-right conner.

2. Tap on the time-off type to view more detailed (Balance and Type Settings)


  • You can add or remove a document after submitting a Time-off request. Simply tap on your leave request, tap Add attachment and pick from a Folder, Photo Library or just use your camera to take a picture. In case, you attached the wrong file. Go back to your leave request, tap More and click Remove or Replace document.

  • CANNOT use the carry over day after the Carry over expiration. Check the Carry over expiration by viewing the time-off balance.

  • You will have to use up the days remaining before using in advance leave days.

  • Holidays will be highlighted in red and Non-working days are in grey.

  • Non-working days and holidays will be excluded from the Time off balance, you will not be able to request time off on those days.

  • The employee can submit time-off application for a Time-off taken in the past.

  • The Line Manager of an employee will immediately receive an email when the request is submitted.

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