After reading this article, you will understand how using GroveHR Mobile App can save time when submitting a Time-off request. Please follow the guides below:

Submit Time-off type

  1. From Home, tap on Time Off

  2. Scroll down to the section Book a new request

  3. Select the Time off type and duration

    • Single day: select the date and duration (e.g. 05 April 2021 from 8:00 to 12:00)

    • Multiple days: select the start and end date (e.g. 05 April 2021 to 07 April 2021)

  4. Tap Next to enter Note, Attach a file, or Add people to notify them (optional).

  5. Tap to Submit when finished.

View Time Off Balance

  1. From Home, tap on Time Off

  2. Tap on ⓘ icon on the top right corner

  3. Tap on the Time off type to view more details


  • You can add or remove a document after submitting a Time-off request. Tap on your leave request, tap Add attachment and pick from a Folder, Photo Library or use your camera to take a picture. If you attached the wrong file, go back to your leave request, tap More and click Remove or Replace document.

  • You CANNOT use the carryover day after the Carry over expiration. Check the Carry over expiration by viewing the time-off balance.

  • You will have to use up the days remaining before using in advance leave days.

  • Holidays will be highlighted in red and Non-working days are in grey.

  • Non-working days and holidays will be excluded from the Time off balance. You will not be able to request time off on those days.

  • The employee can submit requests for Time-offs taken in the past.

  • The Line Manager of an employee will immediately receive an email when the request is submitted.

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