Activate Grove HR Account

Learn how you can activate your account when invited to join your company on Grove HR.

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Once invited by an Admin, you will receive a notification email from to activate your user account. Here's what it will look like:

Remember your Workspace URL. You will need it to log in later.

Account Activation

  1. Click Activate Account

  2. Enter Password and repeat in Confirm Password

  3. Click Activate My Account when finished.

Congratulations! You've successfully activated your account. Log in via your Workspace URL and enter your email address and password.


  • Password is case-sensitive and must be at least 8 characters.

  • The activation link will expire in 7 days. You will need to request your Admin for a re-invite if this happens.

  • If you receive multiple emails, please ensure that you click on the newest one to activate your account.

  • Activation emails will sometimes be marked as spam or promotion. Make sure to check all email folders.

  • Download the app here to Clock-in and request Time Off right on your phone.

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