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Edit Employee Profile on Website
Edit Employee Profile on Website

This article explains how to adjust an employee's information via the website.

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Depending on the configuration of your access role, you may or may not have access to the following features:

  • View sections in employee profile

  • Edit information

  • Set contract reminder (available only on the web version)

  • Upload file

Please check with your Admin for access control.

  1. Go to Employees > Manage Employees

  2. Find or search for the employee you want and click on their name to open a profile

  3. Click on the tab you want:

    • General: contains Personal Info, Home Address, Emergency Contact, and Bank Information

    • Job: contains Employment Information, Probation Details, Job Timeline, Contract Timeline, Work Schedule, and Job History (Note: Job History cannot be edited)

    • Payroll: contains pay details

    • Performance: contain results of past performance reviews

    • Documents: contains Personal Documents, and Payslips

    • Dependents: contains information of employee's dependant(s)

    • Account Settings: contains timezone settings and birthday privacy settings

  4. Find the section you want and click Edit

  5. Update information

  6. Click Save when finishing.


  • Use Custom Field to add non-standard fields like Employee ID, T-shirt size, Dietary Preferences, etc.

  • You can also edit employee profiles through Grove HR's mobile app. Click here to learn how

📌 Note:

  • You can only edit the Effective Date of the scheduled job change. Current and past job effective dates cannot be edited

  • The Job History section cannot be edited

  • Assigning Line Manager to an employee will change the order of the Org Chart

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