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Create & Manage Company News on Website
Create & Manage Company News on Website

This article will walk you through how to create, edit or delete news on Grove HR.

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Do you want to greet and introduce a newcomer to your company? Do you want to notify the holidays or special news to your employees or specific departments? The news module will help you to create announcements and automatically send them to your employees through the GroveHR platform.


1. There are two ways to create news via desktop

  • Option 1

Go to the Plus sign icon, then click on Create new news.

  • Option 2

Navigate to the News module, then click on Create News

2. Fill in the required field (Title and Content), and then select objects who will see that news.

3. Click Publish or Save as Draft.


  1. To edit news, click the Pencil icon

  2. Edit and click on Save



  • If the news has already been published, it cannot be saved as a draft.

Delete News

To delete news, click the Trash icon to the right of an article.

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