Line managers, HR in charge, and Admin can approve or reject their employees' leave requests on the mobile app, desktop, and email. The below instructions will focus on the desktop version and email.

Option 1: Via GroveHR on desktop

Option 2:


  1. In Dashboard, go to Time off > Team time off

  2. On the right side, you can select calendar or list view

  3. Click on an employee's name (calendar view) or the arrow button next to an employee (list view) to see full details. At this step, you can also download the attached files (if any).

  4. Decide to Approve or Reject the employee's request.


When a direct report submits a request, their line manager will instantly receive an email notification. They can click on approve/ reject to confirm their action or click View Team Time Off to view on Grove platform.


  • Employees can still add files at the status: Pending approval, Approved

  • You can download submitted files for viewing and storage purposes


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