Grove HR's Import Employees feature make migrating employee data easier than ever. Forget about adding profiles one by one; all you'll need is your employee data and the Template we've provided.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown:

A. Revise Employee information and Grove fields

Before importing employee data, we recommend reviewing and listing out what employee information you would like to record in Grove HR.

You can go to an employee profile to view which fields and sections are already available. You can import all fields in the following sections: Personal Info, Home Address, Bank Information, Job Information.

You can also add more fields with Custom Field. Click here for more information.

B. Bulk upload employee data

Once you have revised Employee information and Grove fields, follow the instruction here to start importing.

  1. Click the Plus icon on the navigation bar, then choose Import Employee

  2. Download Employee Template and read the Instructions sheet carefully

  3. Fill out the Employee list (Template) sheet with employee information. Make sure to remove sample data and fill out the required fields (green fields).

    🌟 FEATURE RELEASE: Now you can easily import offboarding and resigned employees, as well as the details of their resignation:

    • Last Working Date (required if Employee Status is Offboarding / Resigned)

    • Reason of Leaving (required if Employee Status is Offboarding / Resigned)

    • Resigned Note

  4. Upload the modified file.

  5. Click Mapping fields after the file is done uploading.

    • Map the name of the fields on Grove with the corresponding headers in the uploaded file.

    • Headers that match exactly with the field name will be mapped automatically.

  6. Click Next when all fields and headers have been mapped.

  7. Review the results (see the number of profiles to be created, check for duplicated information, errors, skipped records...).

  8. Click Import to start importing data in the records ready to be created section.


  • Custom fields must be created in advance, or they will be skipped.

  • You need to fill in with the right phone format: +<Country code> <Phone number>

    ex: +84 969123123

    If you enter the wrong format, you can still import the employee, but you will need to change the country code in the employee's profile afterwards.

  • The job titles and departments you input in the template will be automatically created if they're not available yet.

  • In step 3, if you choose "Yes" in the field "Send invitation", the system will automatically send email invitations to the employees after the bulk import is done. If you choose "No", you can manually invite them later.

  • Some potential errors can be found here.

  • Some fields require you to follow the format. Please refer here.

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