Onboarding is a prime opportunity for employers to win the hearts and minds of new employees. It defines the first impression new hires have of the company, which is something that will continue to stay with them for the entire duration of their careers. Therefore, it is highly recommended for employers to start engaging with new hires as early as the moment the offer is accepted.

Assign an Onboarding checklist

Before assigning an Onboarding checklist, make sure you have created a template, tasks and determine which task will be assigned to which person or department.

  1. Navigate to the Checklists module > Onboarding

  2. Click on Show All to view the Onboarding queue (*)

  3. Find the employee you want and click Assign checklist

  4. Select a Checklist Template from the dropdown box

  5. Select the HR in charge

  6. Click Assign to complete action

* Onboarding Queue is a list of employees whose Employee Status is Onboarding and are yet to be assigned a checklist.

Check Onboarding progress

  1. Navigate to the Checklists module > Onboarding

  2. Click on the arrow before employee name to view Task List, Due date and Assignee

    • Completed tasks will have a green checkmark

    • You can view task detail and download uploaded file (if any) by click on on any task

    • You can also make changes to the task and reselect the assignee by clicking on Edit

💡Tips: A completed task can be reverted. To revert a completed task, click on it and click Revert to in progress.

After clicking Complete Onboarding, you have to adjust the employees' status manually (Probationary, Active, On Leave).


  • Only employees with access to Onboarding tab can be selected as HRs-in-charge. Learn how to modify a role's access by reading this article.

  • The HR-in-charge will be notified if the onboarding process is off-track and/or when it is completed.

  • Only employees whose employment status is Onboarding will be listed in the Onboarding Queue.

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