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Assign or Copy a Candidate to another Job
Assign or Copy a Candidate to another Job

Learn how to assign or copy a candidate to another position in Recruitment.

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We all know too well that acquiring talents is hard. Sometimes, the candidate is inadequate for the position, sometimes they are overqualified, and sometimes you find their resumé impressive but are not suitable for the applied position.

So you put them in the talent pool until a position opens up and fits that candidate perfectly. What do you do next? Move their resumé to the newly opened position and call them up, of course!

Find out how you can do exactly that in GroveHR by assigning or copying a candidate.

Differences between Assign and Copy a Candidate

  • Assign a candidate to a job: move candidate profile to another job. The candidate's hiring stage is 'Applied'

  • Copy a candidate to a job: duplicate candidate profile and add one to the other job. While the hiring stage (None, Applied, Screening, Rejected, etc.) of the original profile stays the same, the duplicated created profiles will be 'Applied'

Example: Lora Curry's profile was duplicated and added to the Business Development Executive position when she initially applied for the Sales Consultant job. You can see the differences between her profiles.

How to Assign or Copy Candidate to other Job:

  1. In Recruitment, go to Candidates

  2. You can either select that candidate from the list or type their name in the search box (Ex. Elizabeth Holmes).

  3. Click on the name to open their profile.

  4. Click More (horizontal eclipsis), then select Assign or Copy to another Job.

  5. Select which Job you want to assign or copy the candidate to.

  6. Click Assign or Copy to confirm

📌 Note:

  • Hired candidates cannot be assigned or copied to another job.

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